2022 Missions Trips

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…

Matthew 28:19

Matthew 28:18-20 - In the Great Commission, Jesus calls us to go. The Chapel has been blessed with people that are passionate about being obedient to Christ in this. We have pursued the furtherance of His Kingdom as we have gone out into our community, country, and world to share the love and Word of God. Witness is part of our DNA, and if the Lord wills, we will continue to take the Good News to those who are without it.

We try to prioritize the equipping of the priesthood of the believer (Ephesians 4:12, 1 Peter 2:9), preparing our church to minister the gospel in their everyday lives; but, we also organize a few mission trips each year that send our people out. Each trip will join a long term missionary that we have lasting relationship with. We do what we can to help them accomplish their long-term vision and goals, and leave with a burden to continue to pray for them.

We hope to take 4 trips this year. Please read and pray over the descriptions. If the Lord leads you to go, please apply by February 6th.

Space may be limited, so apply ASAP. All costs and dates are subject to change, but not without warning.


  • How do I sign up?
    All interested missionaries must complete the online application by February 6th. Your application will be reviewed and prayed over. Then you will be contacted with the next steps. After you have been contacted, a $200 deposit will be required to reserve your spot on the team.

  • What does the cost cover?
    All of your needs will be met. All transportation, lodging, meals, and ministry expenses are included.

  • Can I raise support for the trips?
    Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we prefer that you raise support even if you don't have to. Raising support does more than just cover costs; it gives other people an opportunity to participate in ministry they may not be able to otherwise. More importantly, it is also a great way to ask for prayer. Mandatory meetings will be held for each trip where we will offer instruction and help in how to do this.

  • What about COVID?
    We have prayed, and feel led to go ahead with the planning of these trips. You should pray about them too - especially an international trip that may require extra measures to travel, and have risks in returning. We cannot guarantee anything, but we want to pursue opportunities to share the gospel as well as we can. 

Other questions? Email missions@thechapelcleveland.com

Southeast Asia  |  July 10-20  |  $2500

We hope to return to a country in SE Asia that is closed to the gospel. Previously, we have partnered with long term missionaries to go into mountain villages to share the gospel with unreached people groups. The long term team has recently seen a move of the Lord among unreached refugees in the inner-city. This year, we hope to join them as they adjust focus to these unreached people in the city as well as going into the villages. This will include home-stays, participating in Bible study with Muslims, and long conversations over coffee. You will likely get the opportunity to share the gospel with someone who has never heard it before. This is an incredibly immersive trip that requires flexibility, endurance, and courage. 

Detroit  |  June 26-July 2  |  $900

The greater Detroit area has the largest Muslim population in the U.S. These incredibly kind, hospitable people are largely unreached with the gospel. We hope to join a team of missionaries there in doing home visits, work projects, prayer walks, english classes, and any other access opportunity presented to share the good news with them. Though this is only hours up I-75, this trip can feel much like an international mission. You will experience different culture, overcome language barriers, eat strange (wonderful) food, and hear the Muslim call to prayer echo down the streets. 

Clarkston  |  June 18-24  |  $450

Just 2.5 hours away from The Chapel, approximately 60 countries, 100 languages, and 120 people groups (90 of which are unreached with the gospel) are represented in the small city of Clarkston, GA. Clarkston is a suburb of Atlanta, and has become a major settlement site for refugees. We will be working closely with a local church and missionaries to share the gospel in apartment complexes, college campuses, and coffee shops. We will receive excellent training to help us understand the life of a refugee, and how to reach these people from around the world with the gospel of Christ. If you feel like the Lord is leading you to international missions, but you don’t know where/how to start, or if travel restrictions make you hesitate: this trip is for you.

ACTs  |  Date - TBD  |  $200

It is hard to schedule around disasters, but they come nonetheless. When they do, we hope to be ready to respond with practical help and the love of Christ. Action Crisis Teams (ACTs) is a gospel-focused disaster relief ministry managed by brothers from our own church. Whether you are a builder by trade, or have never touched a hammer in your life; you can help on a disaster relief trip. We make a point to care for people more than we care for property. We will work hard on homes in order to earn the right to share the love, comfort, and gospel of Christ with those that have suffered disaster.

These are places that we feel like the Lord has led our church. Long term missionaries serve year round in each location. We have taken teams there, and hope to return for years to come; serving in any way that is helpful to the workers on the ground. 

Would you pray about joining us on one of these trips?

2022 Missions Trip Application