cKids is available every Sunday morning for Newborns - 4th Grade

*5th grade meets the first Sunday of the month and serves throughout the month.

New Here?

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Room Colors by Age Group

Check In & Drop Off Locations:

This is the main entrance for cKids families located next to the playground at the top level of our building across from the parking lot. If you have children aged Newborns-PreK this will be where you want to check in and drop off. (Note: Elementary-aged kids may also be checked in here at the same time, but will need to be dropped off downstairs.)
Newborns - Kindergarten will be dropped off at classrooms on the cKids Hallway.
This check in is located in the main lobby by the sanctuary, just beside the entrance/exit lobby doors. If you have children in Elementary grades, this will be where you want to check in and drop off. (Note: Newborns to PreK-aged kids may also be checked in here, but will need to be dropped off upstairs at their classrooms.) 
1st grade & up will be dropped off in their classrooms in the basement level under the sanctuary
3rd & 4th grades will drop off at the back of the sanctuary

At the end of the main service, a timer will countdown from 15 minutes on the sanctuary screens. During this time, the cKids hallway and basement hallways will be reserved ONLY for cKids families. This is the time for parents to pick up their children in the safest environment. After this 15 minute window, these hallways will be open for other church attenders to use. Note that this only applies to the cKids areas and not the main lobby/exit areas.

Additional Information:

For those not ready to jump in, know that your children will continue to be welcomed in the main sanctuary at any time.

Please feel free to message us - - with any questions.

Because we believe that Christian parents are their children's best teachers of God's Word, we’ve created a family devotional plan that can help you lead your family in times of worship regularly through 3 simple components: Read, Pray, and Sing.