Where do I start?

First, begin with prayer. Then, break down your journaling time into 4 sections on paper or in your journal. Start out by reading the passages of the day and ask God to reveal or highlight one passage or section to you.


In this section, fill in the verse or passage that grabbed your attention. Take the time to write out word-for-word God’s Word.


Answer the who, what, where, and why questions. What does God seem to be revealing through the scripture? What is this text about? Knowing context helps us interpret God’s Word accurately and practically. You can also rewrite the verse in your own words to better understand.


How do you begin to apply this scripture to your life today? How can you live differently in light of what God has spoken to you?


Take a moment to be still and let God show you how to walk out this scripture. This may be a time you need to confess or ask for wisdom and discernment. Write out a prayer giving thanks or asking God for help.

I'd like to buy a journal.

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Need somewhere to begin? Follow along with our reading plan!