Join us on June 14th for Summer Skills Night!

We each have unique strengths given by God to allow us to serve others in the body of Christ. We invite you to a direct experience of this - all of these classes are taught by someone in our church!
**Please note: Classes for youth and adults have a minimum age, and younger children will not be able to come, even as observers.  

Skills we are offering this summer:

Be sure to sign up fast, because there are limited spots for each skill! 
(And we do respectfully ask that you only sign up for a class if you're certain you'll be there. Some classes last year had waiting lists, so we want to be sure those who really want to learn can have the opportunity. Thank you.)

Building Balloon Garlands

With Naomi Zumbrun
For Adult Women
Learn the best techniques to build a gorgeous balloon backdrop without the stress and hassle of tying individual balloons and hurting your fingers. Have a great time making your very own garland to take home!


With Scott and Sara Black
For Youth and Adults
Come learn about these amazing insects and take a peek inside the Black's active bee hive. Wear long sleeves and blue jeans. Do not sign up if you have a known bee allergy.

How to Make Crêpes Like a True Frenchman

With Gary Goodge
For Adults
Make and eat authentic Crêpes like a true Frenchman! We can guarantee this will be a delicious class.

Cooking Cajun - First You Make a Roux

With John Kelton
For Adults
Learn how to cook like a true Louisianan by making a roux, a staple in Cajun cooking! Those who get in on this class will learn a cooking skill that's not so common around the Cleveland area.

Crochet Amigurumi (Stuffed Animals)

 With Lauren Espy
For Ladies Ages 10+
Learn the basics of crochet amigurumi (that is, crocheting stuffed animals) starting with a beginner friendly stuffed animal pattern!

Disc Golf Basics

With Chris Reid
For Youth and Adults
Want to play disc golf, but worried you'll end up lost in the woods? Learn about grip, arm swing, and foot placement, so you can throw exactly where you want to go! (Discs provided.)


With Kali LaDuke
For Ladies Ages 13+
We'll learn 9 basic embroidery stitches, creating a sampler that you can take home with you!

Gospel Henna

With Lauren Vaughn
For Ages 15+
Learn how to share the gospel through henna art and storytelling. And the henna on your arm will last for a couple weeks, giving you many opportunities to share what you learn!

Houseplant Care

With Meredith Doss
For Youth and Adults
Learn about different types of indoor plants needing specific planting and care including light and watering needs. You will get to pot a real plant and take it home with you!

Photography DSLR

With Brian Peterson
For Adults
Bring your DSLR camera learn some basic skills to improve your photography, including how to use your equipment, camera settings, adjusting for the differences between daytime/nighttime and more.

Pickleball for Beginners

With Bill Rasmussen
For Ages 14+
Not quite tennis, not quite ping pong - learn what Pickleball is all about! Equipment is provided - comfortable athletic attire required.

Sourdough Breadmaking

With Hannah Smith
For Ages 10+
Learn to make homemade sourdough bread! The smell alone will be worth it. Please bring your own bread bowl and spatulas.


With Brent Winters
For Youth and Adults
Each participant will get around 20-25 minutes behind the boat getting instruction on how to wakeboard.

Found the skill you'd like to learn? Register here!

Reminder: Classes for youth and adults have a minimum age, and younger children will not be able to come, even as observers. If classes permit a child under 16, they will need to have an adult registered with them.


What is Summer Skills?
It's a fun summer evening to learn, to fellowship, and to invite neighbors/co-workers/friends to join us. We like to say it hits both "withness" and "witness" on our 4 W's!

We hope that the fun we'll be having that evening will make it easy to invite family, friends, and co-workers who may not yet know about Jesus to attend with you. Some people who wouldn't accept an invite to church would be happy to come learn a thing or two about welding, or beekeeping, or Pickleball, or....
Can kids participate?
While we love creating space for our children, each class has a minimum age for participants, and so children under those ages will not be able to come to the class, even as observers.

Please note that children under 18 must have an adult 21 or older signed up with them.
Do I have to pay to attend a class?
Not a thing! Each class is free and offered by someone who attends our church.
How do I register for a class?
Follow this link:

If you need any help with registering for a class, or communicating with an instructor, please reach out to
The class I want to attend is full! Is there a waiting list?
Yes! If the class you want to attend is full, please send an email to Scott Vaughn -
What do I do after I sign up?
Please watch out for emailed instructions from your teacher. We have asked them to communicate final details of timing, location, weather cancellations, etc.

You will also need to fill out this waiver in order to participate.
Are the classes being held for just one night, or for a series of nights?
The classes are being held on one evening only - on Friday night, June 14. Each will be taught by someone (or someones) who attend The Chapel, at a time and location designated by that class instructor. But the hope is that it would produce lasting relationships with others in our church and otherwise! 
Will the classes be held at church?
No, they’re happening at venues decided by the teachers themselves. So depending on which class you register for, you might be meeting in a kitchen, a local park, at the river, in a shop, or even at a farm!
If I sign up for a class but cannot attend, what should I do?
PLEASE make us aware if you’re unable to be there by emailing That will allow us to inform the next person on the waiting list that a spot has become available for them.
How will I receive communication about class details?
When you register, we’ll pass your contact info on to the class instructor, and they will reach out to you and the others who will be attending your class with all pertinent meeting info.
Can I bring a friend along who doesn’t go to The Chapel?
By all means! … as long as you register them. We’re especially encouraging participants to bring along a family member, co-worker, or friend who may not yet know Jesus, and for whom a traditional invitation to come to church might not be accepted. Fellowship with believers can be a great start to beginning to understand how the Body of Christ works in the real world, and can be an easy entrance into relationships with people who know and love God.
What if I have questions about Summer Skills Night that aren’t found in these FAQ’s?
Please reach out to for more help!​​​